Beulah Land Development Corporation (BLDC)

Established in 1994, Beulah Land Development Corporation is a faith based non- profit organization, originating from the Beulah Heights 1st Pentecostal Church community, created to develop affordable housing for low-to-moderate income individuals and families in the city of New Haven. It is BLDC’s belief that all persons, regardless of creed, color, or nationality are entitled to live in a neighborhood void of blight, systematic poverty, and reckless crime.

The Fellow will work on number strategies to advance the overall mission, goals and objectives of BLDC including creation of new fundraising strategies, and increasing the organization’s social media presence, reach and visibility. The PPSF will also support the CEO with the day to day activities related to the BLDC’s projects.

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Agency website: beulahlanddevcorp.org


DataHaven’s mission is to empower people to create thriving communities by collecting and ensuring access to data on well-being, equity, and quality of life. Since 1992, DataHaven worked with many partners to develop reports, tools, and technical assistance programs that make information more useful to local communities.

The Fellow will support the work of DataHaven to enhance and share the Town Equity Reports and Community Wellbeing Index. These programs track indicators of economic and social well-being at the state and local level.

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Agency website: ctdatahaven.org

National Veterans Council for Legal Redress

The mission of the National Veterans Council for Legal Redress (NVCLR) is threefold:  educate the public with respect to the treatment of veterans with less than honorable discharges and to work toward society’s acceptance of such service members; provide direct assistance to veterans and their families who are suffering as a result of a less than honorable discharge status by assisting in obtaining employment, medical and educational benefits, as well meals, clothing, transportation, and housing; and provide training and technical assistance to other nonprofit organizations that support veterans. 

The Fellow will assist with a number of projects: fundraising, community engagement, development of a resource guide, and additional duties as needed.

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Agency website: nvclr.org

Yale Urban Design Workshop (YUDW)

The Yale Urban Design Workshop (YUDW) is a community design center affiliated with the Yale School of Architecture. Since its founding in 1992, the YUDW has worked with communities across the state of Connecticut and around the world, providing planning and design assistance on projects ranging from comprehensive plans, economic development strategies and community visions to the design of public spaces, streetscapes, and individual community facilities. YUDW has collaborated with New Haven’s Dwight neighborhood since 1995, when it worked with the Dwight Central Management Team and Greater Dwight Development Corporation to develop the neighborhood’s first grass-roots based neighborhood plan. Since then, YUDW has worked with the neighborhood to successfully carry out many of the goals of the plan, with a huge impact on the quality of life of residents there. The ongoing Dwight relationship has been a keystone of the YUDW’s work in New Haven.

The YUDW has recently reaffirmed its commitment to work with our home community of New Haven, and has several ongoing initiatives around affordable housing, community health and wellness, and social and environmental equity. Among those is preparation of a new plan for the Dwight neighborhood. The fellow will work with faculty directors of the YUDW to begin that planning work, and may have the opportunity to work on other Dwight and New Haven projects.

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Agency website: udw.architecture.yale.edu