CitySeed is a community-based nonprofit with a mission to engage the community in growing an equitable, local food system that promotes economic development, community development and sustainable agriculture. Farmers from around Connecticut bring goods produced from their own local operations to sell at CitySeed’s Farmers Markets.  CitySeed’s  Mobile Market is a market on wheels, bringing fresh produce from Connecticut farms to New Haven neighborhoods and senior sites, along with cooking demonstrations and tastings of local, fresh fruits and vegetables.  The Fellow will assist the farmers market team in developing community programming, tracking SNAP and demographic data, as well as improving marketing efforts. The Fellow will also assist with SNAP redemption at farmers markets, and will complete research on how to improve the local food system within New Haven.

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DataHaven’s mission is to empower people to create thriving communities by collecting and ensuring access to data on well-being, equity, and quality of life. Since 1992, DataHaven worked with many partners to develop reports, tools, and technical assistance programs that make information more useful to local communities.

The Fellow will support the work of DataHaven to enhance and share the Town Equity Reports and Community Wellbeing Index. These programs track indicators of economic and social well-being at the state and local level.

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Fair Haven Community Health Care

Fair Haven Community Health Care (FHCHC) is a federally qualified health center that serves a population of approximately 32,000 000 patients of all ages across 18 sites (including our School Based Health Centers).  FHCHC provides a variety of services including (but not limited to) Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health, Lab Services, Pharmacy Services, Women’s Health and Care Coordination. Fair Haven Community Health Care provides quality care to patients regardless of their ability to pay, and offers a sliding scale fee, as well as linkage to insurance and other financial assistance programs designed to reduce barriers to care. The vast majority of FHCHC patients fall below the federal poverty level and have complicated social needs. FHCHC works with multiple community based partners to develop programs to improve the overall health and well-being of the community.

The Fellow will be conducting social determinants of health (SDOH) screening on patients that have previously received an SDOH screening, and that have been involved with care coordination to evaluate the impact care coordination has on SDOH.

Haven’s Harvest

Haven’s Harvest is an environmental food recovery organization that directs food to communities experiencing food insecurity–daycare centers, schools, health clinics, methadone clinics, subsidized housing sites. 

The Fellow will engage in community outreach activities and will spend time in the warehouse meeting partners and volunteers to accept and share food; use social media; and perform data collection and management activities at community at events or by surveying partners to update information.

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SalivaDirect is a nonprofit organization revolutionizing diagnostic testing by advancing equitable, accessible saliva-based testing solutions. Whether developing new laboratory protocols for infectious and chronic disease testing or partnering with communities to deliver novel testing solutions, SalivaDirect is working to improve public health response efforts around the world. The Fellow would serve as a Program Associate, assisting in activities that enhance the reach, breadth, and longevity of SalivaDirect. Work is primarily remote and requires occasional virtual training, day-to-day use of technology, and a working knowledge of collaborative online tools.

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Southern CT

In pursuit of systemic change, Sickle Cell Association of America - Southern CT/ Michelle’s House embraces prevention strategies to enhance the quality life and well-being of the sickle cell community, and to provide individuals and families with critical education and access to direct and support services.

The Fellow will coordinate and write a report on the status of sickle cell disease in Connecticut.

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Yale Urban Design Workshop (YUDW)  and Yale Center on Climate Change and Health (CCCH)

The Yale Urban Design Workshop (YUDW) is a community design center affiliated with the Yale School of Architecture. Since its founding in 1992, the YUDW has worked with communities across the state of Connecticut and around the world, providing planning and design assistance on projects ranging from comprehensive plans, economic development strategies and community visions to the design of public spaces, streetscapes, and individual community facilities. YUDW has worked with New Haven’s Dwight neighborhood since 1995. The Yale Center on Climate Change and Health (CCCH) utilizes research, education, public health practice, and service to help achieve a world with a stable and safe climate; one in which the public’s health and diverse ecosystems can thrive.

Under the supervision of the principal investigators from the School of Architecture and the School of Public Health, the Fellow will manage, support, coordinate, and execute summer 2024 activities of the community-based research project “Addressing Urban Heat in the Dwight Neighborhood of New Haven: A Prototype for Neighborhood-Level Planning,” building on work completed in 2023 under a grant from the Climate Innovation Fund of the Yale Planetary Solutions Project.

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