Tenant Services

Hello, and welcome to the Tenant Services Home Page!

In cases of fire or danger to life or bodily injury always call 911 first. Otherwise, in case of a building emergency, please call Yale Facilities Operations at 203-432-6888 and they will contact the appropriate parties able to assist you. Calling FACOPS will ensure that an appropriate response to your emergency will happen FAST, a team of people is available to answer your call and organise a response. If you email or make a work order, it might go to a single person that will respond in the normal course of business, rarely immediately.

An emergency is defined as a flood, fire, loss of utilities, risk of bodily injury and/or discharge of hazardous material.

For routine service requests:

Please submit works requests through yale.assetworks.cloud/ready, make sure to add your building address in the description. Please read the “before submitting a ticket in assetworks below”. 

*Not all Yale Locations  will automatically need to create a work request through  AssetWorks as several property managers have their own work order systems. If you work in one of the  buildings listed below, then you will have a system for your building that will make this much faster. These property management companies will automatically pass things to our office that they can’t take care of, but will be able to meet your needs much faster if it is something they can help you with. 

Buildings with their own property management are as follows:

Winstanley Enterprises
Reference building engines
You will call (203) 624-5317. Anything they can’t help you with, will be forwarded to Yale’s offices

  • 344 Winchester
  • 2 Church St. South
  • 135 College St. (127-153)
  • 300 George St.
  • 25 Science Park
  • Science Park Garage
  • 40 Temple St.
  • 60 Temple St.
  • 100 College for custodial only

For all other leased properties, put a request through Assetworks:
Please submit works requests through yale.assetworks.cloud/ready, make sure to add your building address in the description and add your room number when possible. Please read the “before submitting a ticket in assetworks below”. 


Download a PDF on how to submit a work request.

Please check this manual, and try submitting a works request, before contacting tenant.services@yale.edu.

Before you submit a ticket in ASSETWORKS

If you need an extra cleaning,  extra work done within your area (for example hanging shelves, or pictures), you would like a wall repainted, then please make sure to fill out your COA as a charge to customer (you).  This should be a custom/Department custom selection in assetworks. we can not charge to grants or to capital projects. This must be a Department COA.

Requests that don’t go into ASSETWORKS 

There are several departments in YALE, that have their own way of submitting work requests. 

If this is in regards to moving of furniture or the removal of extra waste, then please contact Transport, Receiving & Storage (TR&S).

If this is about being locked out of your building/suite/room, then please contact Yale Security on (203)785-5555

If this is about a physical key in any form, or the lock it works with, then you have to contact the Yale Lockshop: Go to the Lockshop Key Request form (1410 FR.04)

If you need data wiring moved or installed, then contact the ITS Help Desk  Get Help - IT at Yale (service-now.com)

Check the status of your work request 

If you are are wanting to know the status of your work request, then please go to this website:  WorkSearch (yale.edu)

You will be able to check the status of your work request, and also any notes that are attached to give information on the progress  of your request.  Please complete  this before reaching out to enquire  about your request. 

Please note: Do not hire or request work from a contractor yourself

If you have a question about what you can or cannot do as a tenant, then please e-mail tenant.services@yale.edu. We will always be more than happy to discuss what you need and help you find solutions.