Yale University has been a part of the New Haven community for three centuries. The Yale University Office of New Haven Affairs (ONHA) provides a front door to Yale and its resources for the people and organizations of Greater New Haven. Working with other University departments and our neighbors in New Haven, ONHA spearheads Yale’s partnerships to strengthen New Haven through fostering economic development, revitalizing neighborhoods, supporting public school and youth programs, and creating a vital downtown.

433 Temple Street
New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: (203) 432-8623
Fax: (203) 432-8622

Jack Callahan
Senior Vice President for Operations
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Alexandra Daum
Associate Vice President for New Haven Affairs and University Properties

Claudia Merson
Director of Public School Partnerships
(203) 432-4098

Karen King
Director, Yale University President’s Public Service Fellowship & Community Affairs Associate
(203) 432-8412

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Dixwell-Yale University Community Learning Center

101 Ashmun Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Kito Covington
Email: kito.covington@yale.edu
Phone: (203) 436-4840
Fax: (203) 436-4843

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Elm-Ivy Awards

Karen King
Office of New Haven Affairs
433 Temple Street, 2nd floor
New Haven, CT 06511-6803
Phone: (203) 432-8412

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President’s Public Service Fellowship

433 Temple Street
New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: (203) 432-8613

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Public Schools & Youth (including Pathways programs)

Public Schools & Youth

Claudia Merson
Director of Public School Partnerships
(203) 432-8613

Yale Pathways

Maria E. Parente
Pathways Program Manager
(203) 436-4677

Richard Crouse, Ph.D. 
Pathways Program Administrator
(203) 432-4082

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Woosley Hall

Kito Covington
Phone: (203) 436-4840

Visit the Box Office page for Yale School of Music concert calendar and ticket purchases, or call the Box Office:  (203) 432-4158.

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Yale University Properties

433 Temple Street, Second Floor
New Haven, CT 06511 

Retail Properties

University Properties Office
Phone: (203) 432-8300

John Pollard, Real Estate Advisors Ltd, Leasing Inquiries
Phone: (203) 578-5579

Office Properties

Susan Cascio
Phone: (203) 436-4658

Residential Properties

Elm Campus Partners
1140 Chapel Street, Suite 201
New Haven, CT 06511
Email: rent@elmcampus.com
Elm Campus Website
Phone: (203) 776-4466

Office Space

Susan Cascio
(203) 436-4658

Tenant Services Managers

Jacob Davis
(203) 432-3077

Kate Porter
(203) 436-8960

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