Pathways to Science

Promoting Science Literacy through Yale’s ‘Brain Education Day’

Mitra Miri (Neuroscience) has been a Fellow at the Graduate School’s Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunity at Yale (ODEO), mentored a local student through the Hill Neighborhood Mentoring Program, and worked as a graduate assistant for the Science, Technology and Research Scholars Program, which is designed to support women, minority, economically underprivileged, and other historically underrepresented students in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics.

Many “Pathways” to STEM

The question that lecturer Aida Behmard ’15 posed to her class in the basement of Leet Oliver Memorial Hall at last Saturday’s Resonance, a one-day science outreach program, was admittedly a tad “philosophical” for high schoolers: why do supermassive black holes exist, anyway? But when Behmard turned from the blackboard to face her students a moment later, it was to a roomful of raised hands.

Yale Science on Saturdays: Bringing the excitement of science to kids of all ages

Science on Saturdays is an award-winning lecture series that conveys the excitement of research and the passion of scientists to school-age children in New Haven and beyond.  The event introduces middle-school-age children to scientists and explores who they are, and how and why they study what they do. It is designed to shatter stereotypes about scientists and to show the fun of science. The Yale faculty members participating in the program are of various backgrounds, ages, and disciplines.

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