2019 - Mary-Louise Timmermans at Science on Saturdays

Join us on March 30th to hear Prof. Mary-Louise Timmermans talk about how the polar oceans regulate Earth’s climate

Time: Demonstrations by Synapse of Yale Scientific Magazine from 10am - 11am; Talk from 11am - noon. 

Location: Sterling Chemistry Laboratory, 225 Prospect Street

Mary-Louise Timmermans picture.

About Mary-Louise Timmermans

I am a physical oceanographer with a research focus in the Arctic Ocean. I use a combination of theory, numerical modeling and geophysical observations (from icebreaker surveys and an ice-based network of drifting ocean-profiling instruments) to investigate how the ocean relates to Arctic sea ice and climate. This includes such topics as ocean mixing, eddies and waves, and ocean heat and freshwater transport.