2017- Jack Harris at Science on Saturdays

In the world of quantum physics, small particles act like waves, can appear to be in more than one place at the same time, and pass through walls they don’t have the energy to get over. Most of the time, we can’t see these quantum effects in our classical scale world, but if you look carefully, there are non-intuitive manifestations of quantum physics all around us. Join us on October 14th to learn about the surprising quantum motions of everyday objects from Prof. Jack Harris.

Time: Demonstrations by Synapse of Yale Scientific Magazine from 10am - 11am; Talk from 11am - noon. 

Location: Sterling Chemistry Laboratory, 225 Prospect Street
Directions & Parking: Sterling Chemistry Lab is the building on the left of the driveway at 225 Prospect. Proceed into the main entrance and up the main staircase. Parking will be available on the street along Prospect, at the Yale Whale Ice Rink, and in Lot 16 at the corner of Whitney & Humphrey.

About Jack Harris: Prof. Harris studies the quantum aspects of motion in mechanical, optical, and electronic systems. His experiments use ultrasensitive force detectors to measure the ground state properties of electrical circuits, the quantum back-action of displacement measurements, and eventually the quantum properties of the mechanical force sensors themselves.