Pathways Bones, Biology, and Behavior: Understanding Human Osteology

During this Pathways event, bones take center stage. Students are introduced to the science behind human evolution and forensic anthropology through a series of hands-on exploratory demonstrations with real human bones and fossil casts. Students learn the structure and function of the human skeleton and how markers of injury can be diagnosed and used for research or criminal investigations.

Pathways Brain Education Day

Brain Education Day is an annual neuroscience event for 100 students in Yale Pathways to Science. Students explore the brain with Yale’s top neuroscientists and students and hear about a faculty member’s journey to science in a keynote lecture. Throughout the day, students rotate through stations to learn about brain anatomy through sheep brain dissection, learn how the brain uses electricity to send signals, learn about modern neuroimaging techniques by visiting a mock fMRI scanner, learn how scientists have built robotic prosthetics, and have the chance to control a robotic claw using electrical activity produced by their own muscles.

Pathways Day of Immunology

Day of Immunology is an annual event for 80 high school students hosted by Yale’s Department of Immunobiology in collaboration with Pathways to Science. Through interactive workshops, students are introduced to exciting facets of immunology, including allergy, infection, the microbiome, and vaccines. Throughout these activities and lab tours, students also learn about local opportunities to get involved in immunology research and about diverse careers in the biomedical sciences.

Pathways Discover Chemistry Day

At Discover Chemistry Day, Pathways high school students take part in hands-on chemistry experiments that encourage inquiry, examination, and exploration. Students can work with a gas chromatographer, separate caffeine from tea, engage in simulations of receptor-binding molecules that give rise to our sense of smell, and much more. This event is hosted by graduate students in the Yale Department of Chemistry.

Pathways DIY Microscope Build

At this event, Pathways students work with Yale graduate students in biology to build their own DIY microscopes. Together Pathways and graduate students use the microscopes to explore cells, crystals, and everyday materials that students bring from home. After the event, students are able to keep the microscopes to continue the exploration at home.

Pathways Engineering Days

Hosted by GradSWE, Engineering Days bring middle and high school students in Yale Pathways to Science to tour laboratories and try their hands at an engineering design-build. Past Engineering Days have included building an air-quality monitor, a bionic arm, and a self-watering garden.

Pathways Environmental Science Café

The Environmental Science Café brings Pathways high school students to listen to short talks about new and exciting work at the Yale School of the Environment. Graduate students also provide hands-on workshops related to the café talks. Previous topics include how scientists use X-rays to study plant evolution, how to 3D print a flower, and how drones are used in forest management. Students are also invited to attend the annual Yale School of the Environment Research Day.

Pathways Exploring the Intersection of Physics, Engineering, & Biology

An event for Pathways middle school students, Exploring the Intersection of Physics, Engineering & Biology allows students to interact with Yale scientists working at the intersection of these fields. Through hands-on activities and demonstrations, Pathways students learn how to build a balloon-powered car and watch demonstrations such as “Fluorescence: Glowing in Science” and “Viewing the Nanoscopic World.”

Pathways Exploring the Yale Farm

At this annual event, Pathways middle school students are invited to explore Yale’s beautiful urban farm. Students learn the science of farming, the importance of sustainability, and urban horticulture techniques.

Pathways Exploring Yale’s Marsh Botanical Gardens and Greenhouses: World Plant Diversity and Evolution

At this annual event, Pathways students are invited to explore Yale’s incredible Marsh Botanical Gardens and Greenhouses to discover the importance of plants to life on earth. Students learn about plant diversity and evolution through hands-on science activities and close examination of diverse florae, including a vast array of carnivorous and desert plants.

Pathways Ophthalmology Day

Aimed at increasing interest in ophthalmology, Pathways students are invited for a full day of learning about the eye. Students use software to “travel” into the eye, are trained on slit lamp machines, and try their hands at cow-eye dissection. This annual event is hosted by the Yale Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science.

Pathways Play Cafés

Hosted by the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games and the play2PREVENT Lab, Pathways middle and high school students are invited to explore how video games can be used to change the way people think and act. Students learn how games are created, why they are important, and how doctors, mathematicians, and scientists use them for their jobs. Students also play games created by the play2PREVENT lab.

Pathways Public Health Day

At Public Health Day, Pathways scholars are invited to explore the diversity and interdisciplinary nature of public health applications through interactive workshops, hands-on demonstrations, and discussions. Participants learn about cutting-edge research happening at the Yale School of Public Health and have lunch with current graduate students.

Pathways Reproductive Physiology Day

At this event, Pathways high school students are invited to discover the science of reproduction with Yale Medical School faculty. Students use microscopes to identify different cells of the reproductive tract, as well as learn the differences between human and other mammalian reproduction.

Pathways Summer Scholars Program

The Pathways Summer Scholars program brings 100 high school students from New Haven, West Haven, and Orange public schools to study science for two weeks on Yale’s campus. Summer Scholars provides an intensive, hands-on science curriculum that emphasizes discovery, critical thinking, and problem solving. Rising seniors have the opportunity to live on campus during the program and engage in a variety of college-prep enrichment activities. The curriculum is designed by Yale University faculty, graduate and professional students, as well as teachers from local public schools. Yale students serve a vital role as teaching assistants and mentors.

Pathways to Arts & Humanities

Since its inception in 2017, Yale Pathways to Arts & Humanities has welcomed hundreds of New Haven public high school students to Yale’s campus for dozens of arts and humanities programs and events. Pathways to Arts & Humanities explores how humans use literature, art, music, theater, history, and language to understand our connection to the world and to one another. Programs encourage creativity, help solve real-world problems, and allow students to become civically engaged both locally and globally.

Pathways to Arts & Humanities Manuscripts and Archives Day

Pathways to Arts & Humanities students are invited to visit Yale Manuscripts and Archives in Sterling Memorial Library for an afternoon of archival research and digital curating. Students learn about the work of archivists and explore scrapbooks and letters from late 19th-century Yale students and New Haven residents. After the workshop, students curate their own digital “exhibits.”

Pathways to Arts & Humanities The Art & Science of Library Preservation and Conservation

At this event, Pathways students get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the brand-new Yale Center for Preservation and Conservation including the: Gates Conservation Lab, Exhibition Preparation Rooms, and the Photo Documentation Studio. Students also participate in a hands-on demonstration of the Traveling Scriptorium to learn about medieval pigments and book binding.

Pathways to Science

With an overarching goal of encouraging and supporting promising young scholars to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math, Yale Pathways to Science opens the door for middle and high school students to explore STEM at Yale University. The more than 1,800 Pathways students are considered the youngest members of Yale’s scientific community and are invited to more than 130 special events, academic lectures, demonstrations, hands-on activities, summer programs, and research opportunities throughout the year.

Pathways to Science Festival @ West Campus

Pathways middle and high school students are invited to this annual festival at Yale’s West Campus for a full day of lectures, hands-on demonstrations, student panels, science exploration games, and tours of the state-of-the-art West Campus facilities, under the guidance of more than 50 Yale scientists and students. Past themes for the festival include “Colors & Dyes” and “The Science of Energy.”

Pathways Wright Laboratory Tour

Pathways students get a behind-the-scenes look at the Yale Wright Laboratory and undertake hands-on activities that reveal how Wright Lab researchers can make the invisible visible. Wright Lab is transforming our understanding of the universe by exploring fundamental questions about the physical world through a broad research program in nuclear, particle, and astrophysics; inspiring and preparing a diverse group of future scientists; and promoting the value of science in society. Wright Lab researchers explore the frontiers of science, investigating dark matter, neutrinos, how matter is made and interacts, quantum phenomena, the beginnings of the universe, and more.

Yale Pathways to Arts & Humanities Summer Studio Art Program

Yale Pathways to Arts & Humanities and the Yale School of Art will hosts a free two-week  on-campus program where students will explore and make visual art in Yale’s art studios, visit the many arts and humanities resources on campus, and eat in Yale dining halls. Summer of 2022’s core workshop, Painting Brought to Light: Exploring Color Theory, is a playful exploration into color as a physical phenomenon.