City of New Haven Office of Climate and Sustainability

The Office of Climate and Sustainability works with City departments, community organizations, and New Haven residents to advance and coordinate city-wide climate and environmental sustainability policies, practices, and initiatives. The Office seeks to implement climate mitigation and adaptation solutions that intersect with and address the immediate challenges facing New Haven residents: from finding safe and affordable housing, to accessing quality employment opportunities, to improving air quality and respiratory health. 

Placement 1: The Fellow will assist in organizing the City’s community outreach and education campaign regarding residential energy efficiency and home electrification. Tasks will include organizing meetings with community groups, managing and participating in neighborhood-level canvasses, researching state and federal energy efficiency and clean energy incentives, and creating communications materials.

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Placement 2: The Fellow will co-manage the City’s application to Sustainable CT. Tasks include tracking progress on sustainability goals, outreach to partner organizations, researching specific actions, and creation of communication materials. 

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CitySeed is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide access to fresh, local food for all New Haven residents. They believe access is a combination of proximity to food, affordability of food, and knowledge about food. The Fellow will work with the Market Management Team to increase community outreach regarding CitySeed’s SNAP Doubling and Farmers Market Nutrition programs, and will also assist with the creation and management of events at the Farmers Markets.

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Fair Haven Community Health Care

Fair Haven Community Health Care (FHCHC) is a federally qualified health center that serves a population of approximately 32,000 individuals, the vast majority of whom are persons of color and low-income, with the goal of providing comprehensive care that is culturally responsive and promotes health equity. Under the supervision of the Vice President of Clinical Affairs, the Fellow will work with FHCHC’s Diabetes Prevention Program team (nurse, and nurse practitioner) in patient-facing roles. The Fellow will perform outreach to patients/families, assist them in accessing services, and assist during diabetic screenings and intensive lifestyle intervention sessions.

Haven’s Harvest

Haven’s Harvest is an environmental food recovery organization that directs food to communities experiencing food insecurity–daycare centers, schools, health clinics, methadone clinics, subsidized housing sites. The Fellow will engage in community outreach activities and will spend time in the warehouse meeting partners and volunteers to accept and share food; use social media; and perform data collection and management activities at community at events or by surveying partners to update information.

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SalivaDirect, Yale School of Public Health

SalivaDirect is a not-for-profit within the Yale School of Public Health committed to championing the use of saliva as a high-quality, affordable solution for the equitable testing of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.  Currently, 200 laboratories are designated to deploy the SalivaDirect COVID-19 protocol in 42 states and territories, resulting in the provision of more than 7.8 million PCR tests to date. SalivaDirect also has been independently validated in 12 countries worldwide.  SalivaDirect is working to expand national and international partnerships - from increasing the number of labs using the SalivaDirect testing protocol to expanding business partnerships.  The Fellow will be responsible for assisting in activities that enhance the reach, breadth, and longevity of the SalivaDirect Initiative and work toward the mission of using salivary diagnostics to increase access to affordable and equitable infectious disease testing. This position is primarily remote work and requires occasional virtual training, use of technology, and a working knowledge of collaborative online tools (e.g. Google Docs, Teams, and Zoom).

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Southern CT

In pursuit of systemic change, Sickle Cell Association of America - Southern CT (SCDAA.SC)/ Michelle’s House embraces prevention strategies to enhance the quality life and well-being of the Sickle Cell Community (SCC), and to provide individuals and families with critical education and access to direct and support services. The Fellow will use the organization’s needs assessment data to write a report on the status of sickle cell disease in CT.

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