Synapse Resonance

Event Time: 
Saturday, December 2, 2017 - 8:45am
Location TBD See map
Event Description: 

Resonance is an annual full-day science event for high school students. The event is hosted by Synapse, a Yale College organization. Join us for a day of hands-on demonstrations, presentations by Yale professors, tours of Yale facilities, and fascinating TEDx talks. Breaking away from traditional scientific teaching, Resonance presents science in a way that is applicable to our daily lives and future goals. What is science exactly? Where did it come from? Rather than telling you, let us immerse you in all Yale has to offer for a whole day. By the end, we promise science will resonate with you. Lunch will be served. 
Free admission. Open to high school students (50 spaces reserved for Yale Pathways to Science students). Please click here to register or visit