Public School Partnerships

Meaningful partnerships lie at the foundation of the work that we do. In recognition that we all benefit by forming one community of learners, our partnership with the New Haven Public Schools is founded on the goals of promoting access, communication, shared resources, and mutual learning.

In 2010, the University announced a commitment as the primary sponsor of the New Haven Promise, a visionary scholarship and support program that promotes college education for New Haven students. This partnership now serves as a model for similar programs around the country. Following a meeting at the White House, during which National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling prompted discussion about the New Haven Promise, Yale President Peter Salovey remarked, “I am delighted to report that there was a high level of interest in what we are doing here in New Haven. If we can be a model for other universities and public school systems in developing innovative programs and pathways to educational achievement, I’m all for it.” Through New Haven Promise, eligible New Haven public school students receive full scholarships for tuition to any Connecticut public college or university, or a partial scholarship towards a private university education.

Public School Partnership Programs

  • Academic Yale University College Courses

    Qualified New Haven high school juniors and seniors, who have been selected by their schools, can enroll in Yale academic courses. Participating students receive a full scholarship to cover tuition costs. This program provides an opportunity for high school students to experience a collegiate academic setting and earn credits which may then be transferred to the college of their choice following high school graduation.

  • Anatomy Teaching Program

    Yale medical students and faculty teach an anatomy class to Hill Regional Career High School students. Juniors and seniors enrolled in Anatomy and Physiology courses visit the Yale Medical School twice per month to access the lab facilities. Lab activities range from observing a cadaver dissection to using slides and microscopes in the histology laboratories.

  • Celentano Biotech, Health, and Medical Magnet School Partnership

    Yale’s partnerships with Celentano School and Bishop Woods School are designed to supplement the schools’ efforts in implementing biotech, health, architecture, and design magnet themes.

  • Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School Partnership

    Now in its tenth year, Yale’s partnership with Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School aims to enrich the artistic and educational experiences for Co-Op High School students and faculty by developing meaningful collaborations between the Yale and Co-Op communities. The partnership is supported by various stakeholders including the Beinecke Library, the Yale University Art Gallery, the Yale Center for British Art, and Dwight Hall at Yale.

  • Dwight Hall at Yale, Center for Public Service and Social Justice

    Dwight Hall is an umbrella community service organization featuring more than 90 student-managed groups that engage Yale University students in contributing more than 150,000 hours of direct service each year, in tutoring, mentoring, youth development, and advocacy.

  • Dwight Hall Public School Internship Program

    Students in the Public School Internship Program serve in a critical role as liaisons between a New Haven public school and the Yale community by strengthening current volunteer efforts and finding new ways to match resources at Yale with the needs of each school. Interns provide resources such as as tutoring, professional development for teachers, and special programming to enrich current classroom lessons. Interns are placed at 12 New Haven elementary, middle, and high schools and work closely with school leaders to discuss the role of Yale volunteers. The program is sponsored by the Office of New Haven and State Affairs.

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  • FIRST Robotics

    Hill Regional Career High School students— assisted by local companies, Yale students, and volunteers—design, assemble, and test a robot capable of performing a specified task in competition with other teams. The program demonstrates to students the fun and competitive spirit that can exist in science,technology, engineering, and mathematics.

  • Hill Regional Career High School Partnership

    The Yale partnership with Hill Regional Career High School, a health-sciences magnet school in New Haven, provides high school students access to Yale classes, laboratories, and structured internships. For example, the Yale Simulation Academy Program invites sophomores to the state-of-the-art Center for Medical Simulation to practice hands-on medical treatments in weekly sessions each fall. Juniors who have graduated from the program serve as peer mentors.

  • New Haven Promise

    Yale is a founding and primary sponsor of the New Haven Promise, the only scholarship program of its kind in Connecticut. Promise provides scholarships for New Haven residents who are graduates of New Haven Public Schools and selected charter schools. Students meeting certain achievement, attendance, community service, and disciplinary requirements are eligible for full tuition for in-state public colleges or up to $2,500 annually for in-state private colleges. In the first four years of the program, nearly 600 students are now pursuing higher education with a Promise Scholarship. A key to New Haven’s future, Promise is revitalizing the city of New Haven by increasing educational attainment, cultivating a culture of college-readiness, and promoting community and parental engagement. Yale University contributes up to $4 million annually to provide Promise Scholarships to New Haven graduates. 

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  • Pathways to Arts & Humanities

    Since its inception in fall 2017, Pathways to Arts & Humanities has welcomed hundreds of New Haven public high school students  to Yale’s campus for dozens of arts and humanities programs and events. Programs include: MOSAIC, New Voices in Theater, spoken word poetry workshops, museum visits, and much more. Yale Pathways to Arts & Humanities explores how humans use literature, art, music, theater, history, and language to understand our connection to the world and to one another. Programs encourage creativity, help solve real-world problems, and allow students to become civically engaged both locally and globally. 

  • Pathways to Science

    With an overarching goal to encourage and support promising young scholars to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math, Yale Pathways to Science opens the door for middle and high school students to explore STEM at Yale University. The more than 1,800 Pathways students are considered the youngest members of Yale’s scientific community and are invited throughout the year to special events, academic lectures, demonstrations, hands-on activities, summer programs, and research opportunities. Once accepted into the program, students are invited to attend more than 130 different programs and events annually through their high school graduation and beyond, choosing to participate in the opportunities that interest them most. 

  • The Yale Education Tutoring Initiative

    The Yale Education Tutoring Initiative is a free academic resource connecting Yale student tutors with New Haven & West Haven Public middle and high school school students. Students are matched with tutors based on academic needs and meet 1-2 times per week October to December. The goal of YETI is to provide structure, academic tutoring, and mentorship to youth as they navigate online learning.

  • Windham Campbell Literary Festival

    Now in its seventh year, the Windham Campbell Literary Festival brings the Windham Campbell prizewinners in the fields of drama, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry to Yale’s campus for a week of celebratory events. Highlight events from past festivals have included a panel discussion and writing workshops for students at Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School, film screenings, and a group reading by all the prizewinners. Many festival events are free and open to the public. 

    For more information, visit the Windham Campbell Prizes website

  • Yale Reading Corps at Wexler-Grant School

    Through the Yale Reading Corps, Yale undergraduate and graduate students serve directly as teaching assistants in classrooms at Wexler-Grant School—they are the teachers right hand in the classroom for several hours per week. Fully integrated into the educational environment, the Yale students support teachers’ activities by helping prepare class materials or working with individual or small groups of students. In addition, the program supports the school’s literacy efforts by sponsoring book fair events, allowing students to expand their home libraries. Through Yale Reading Corps, Yale undergraduate and graduate students also serve as reading tutors and mentors at New Haven Reads. New Haven Reads, founded to “share the joy and power of reading,” increases the literacy skills of children to empower their academic success by providing individually tailored one-on-one after-school tutoring, educational family support, and a community book bank.

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