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MOSAIC: Utopia...Imagine a Perfect City

Where would a perfect city be located? What laws would a perfect city have? How much of its resources would the city devote to supporting literature and the arts? On Saturday December 7th, New Haven students and families worked with Citizens-Thinkers-Writers fellows and professors to discuss topics philosophers and writers started thousands of years ago. Students learned that even with a blank slate, designing a perfect city was not as easy as it seemed. MOSAIC (Minds on Society, Arts, Ideas, and Culture) is a special lecture series designed to share the work of Yale faculty in the arts and humanities with the community.

WriteOutLoud High School Writing Workshop Series

Everyone—from media personalities, teachers, parents, to friends— has specific ideas about how you should live, what you should think about, and even what it means to succeed. But what do you have to say? WriteOutLoud, a new writing program from Yale Pathways to Arts & Humanities, gave students a chance to read, write, and raise questions about topics such as rebellion, identity, success, and education. 

Anatomy of a Museum: The Art and Science of Curation

On April 16th, Pathways students visited the Yale Center for British Art for an inside peek into museum curation. They learned about the roles of museum curators and how exhibitions are designed and created. During this event, students worked closely with museum curators and educators and had an exclusive tour of the William Hunter exhibition at the YCBA.

Dining with the Dramat: The Little Prince

The Yale Dramatic Association, also known as the Yale Dramat, is the second oldest college theater company in the country. Students joined members of the Dramat as they discussed their current production of The Little Prince and got a behind-the-scenes glimpse into theater production.

The Life and Legacy of Frederick Douglass

High school students and members of the New Haven community learned about abolitionist, speaker, philosopher, and author Frederick Douglass with Yale Professor David W. Blight - who recently published the most celebrated biography on Frederick Douglass in nearly 30 years. Students left this event with a deeper understanding of the extraordinary and complex life of one of the greatest orators in American history.

Secret Meanings of Modern Middle Eastern Art

Why do we know so little about modern art from the Middle East? What does this art tell us about the culture, politics, society of this fascinating part of the world? Students and families from the New Haven community joined Yale Greenberg World Fellow, Barjeel Art Foundation Founder and Lecturer Sultan Al Qassemi for a wondrous investigation of the political undertones of iconic artworks of the 20th century in the Arab world.


World CLASS (World Culture and Language After School Studies) is a weekly after school program open to all high school students in Connecticut. In collaboration with the Yale Center for Language Study and PIER, World CLASS will be offering courses in twelve languages, including Arabic, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, KiSwahili, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Urdu this year.