About Yale & New Haven

A few facts about Yale & New Haven:

  • Yale University is New Haven’s largest contributor to the City budget beside the state.  Each year, Yale pays the City more than $15 million in taxes, voluntary payments, and fees - money that helps fund schools, safety, and other citizen services. Yale pays for its own police force, pays the City for fire services, and pays full property taxes on all its commercial properties. The City receives further millions in state PILOT payments because of Yale’s academic property.
  • Yale University is the largest employer in New Haven, with over 12,000 employees. Yale’s spending on payroll and benefits and its purchasing of goods and services make a direct economic impact of more than $1 billion per year in Connecticut.
  • Yale University provides stability for families and the local economy. Jobs at Yale provide excellent benefits, including free health care for employees and their families, generous paid time off, and college scholarships of up to $15,200 per year for employees’ children attending college anywhere in the country.
  • Yale University is New Haven’s biggest visitor attraction, which draws over 550,000 visitors to the city each year.  These visitors spend more than $40 million annually here.
  • Over 920 Yale employees - most of them first-time homeowners and half African-American and Latino - have taken advantage of the Yale Homebuyer Program, which provides a $30,000 incentive for staff and faculty who purchase homes in New Haven neighborhoods. Through this program, Yale has invested more than $22 million to leverage nearly $150 million in home sales.
  • More than 2,500 undergraduates - nearly one-half of all Yale College students - volunteer in community service activities in New Haven, many of them in New Haven Public Schools.
  • Over 10,000 public school students in New Haven participate in free University-sponsored programs on the campus each year.
  • Yale University helps science-based industry grow in New Haven. New companies created from scientific research in Yale Labs work to find new cures for human disease. They also help create jobs and taxes for New Haven, with many filling up buildings that had been abandoned, like 300 George Street and the old factories that are now Science Park.
  • Yale’s leadership commitment to establish the New Haven Promise program will offer a powerful incentive to academic success for New Haven Public School students living in the city.  Promise scholars will receive up to full tuition for in-state public colleges and up to $2,500 per year for tuition at in-state independent, non-profit colleges.

Yale University: Contributing to a Strong New Haven